A Universal Symbol

The Symbol of Life is a graphic image that is made up of curves and counter curves designed according to a specific code of harmony that characterizes all forms of nature.


Eternal forms

Soft shapes, enveloping and protective. The Symbol of Life is an eternal symbol as the metal that composes it. Produced exclusively in 18k gold, diamonds and natural materials, the symbol of life is realized through typical ancient techniques of the Italian goldsmith tradition.


Precious messages

The Symbol of Life was created to communicate values, feelings and emotions. Precisely for this reason the jewel that represents it is not confined to a simple case, but presented in a book of blank pages to be personalized, which invites you to relive the old and ever appreciated value of a dedication. Messages to be written in his own hand that enhance the expression of the precious jewel.


The Collection

The symbol of life” jewels are exclusively handcrafted in 18 Kt gold in Italy respecting the antique and prestigious italian goldsmith tradition.


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